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The perfect prototyping and proofing equipment, PELEMAN’s Flat Bed Foil Printer has been developed to allow users to create impressive designs, starting from a single piece, thereby maximising time and cost efficiencies. Making its debut in the label printing and packaging industry, PELEMAN will present its popular digital foil printer at the upcoming Labelexpo Europe in Brussels, Belgium in September.
Bringing a novel solution to the label printing and packaging scene, the Flat Bed Foil Printer allows printing companies to offer a variety of on-demand services and to create one-off proposals, prototype labels as well as folding carton samples, without the need for large production runs.

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The Peleman VPaper Tower Makes 6000 Sheets of any Stock - from 20 to 70 lbs - Lay Flat in Only an Hour.

The cover matters. The font matters. The ink, binding, and format matter. When it comes to the most important bound documents and photo books produced every day, attention to detail is paramount. So, when the beautiful, 24 lb. ivory bond critical to a customer’s brand does not lay flat, the effect can be anticlimactic, at best.

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Peleman Industries, a market leader in the field of printed presentations and photos, has launched its new website,
The completely redesigned online portal offers visitors a more comprehensive understanding of Peleman Industries’ values and goals and a richer insight into the group’s brands and innovative line of products.

The look of a finished product is very classy. It’s just more pleasing to the eye than other binding systems. It really makes the document look more official!

Daniela Hirdt

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See What our clients are saying about our products

“It’s quick and easy, you just put the documents together, drop it on the machine, and your work is done! It’s fast and simple!
– Steve Tarrant, Post Net / Fort Mill, SC

“The system is easy to use and fast. I never have any problems with it, and customers also like the overall presentation quality.”
– Calvin Wright, UPS Store/MBE–Corp Office / San Diego, CA

Desde Peleman Industries

Desde 1979 Peleman Industries se ha especializados en el diseño, la producción y la distribución internacional de soluciones para la presentación de documentos impresos y fotografia.