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Our creative customisation solutions ensure that your business stands out from the competition and is remembered by customers and prospects. Because your message matters!


Make sure it is told your way. PELEMAN’s top-quality presentation covers give your message the attention it deserves. From sleek foil prints to full-colour designs and eye-catching embossed enhancements, these personalised covers will take your organisation from awareness to preference.

Full Customisation Services
Portrait and Landscape
1 - 340 Sheets
Compatible with any
PELEMAN binding machine
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Enhance your corporate identity and convey a sense of sophistication and professionalism with foil personalisation. Be distinctive and add a personal touch to your presentations by displaying your logo and message in beautiful metallic colours. Just choose your favourite standard or full-colour cover and preferred foil option, send us your logo or message and watch your customers’ reaction.

Available in Gold - Silver - Blue - Red - White - Black... and more.

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The ultimate branding tool. Bespoke covers that tell your story and perfectly represent your organisation and your core values. Leave a lasting impression on your clients and prospects with presentations that exude professionalism and credibility. Get inspired and submit your own design that reflects your brand and corporate identity or leave the work to our talented creative team to create custom covers for you that resonate with your audience. From minimalist and sleek to elaborate and vibrant, if you can dream it, we can make it.
Choose from glossy, soft touch or matt scratch-free finish.

Thermal Hard Cover


Soft Cover


Clamp Hard Cover

Pro Tip: Beautiful inside and out!

For an extra impact, add your branding or message to the inner side of the cover. Personalise both the outside as well as the inside of your Full-Colour Soft or Thermal Hard Covers and leave your audience amazed by your creativity and professionals.


3D like personalisation that will stun your audience. Gain a real competitive edge with covers that deliver a genuinely tangible experience. Add this unique customisation option to your covers to bring your brand and design alive or opt for dazzling metallic colours or sparkling glitters to engage all senses of your clients. Elevate the game by enhancing your design with our stunning embossed print that allows you to stand out, quite literally.

Available in: all standard and Full-Colour Covers (Thermal Hard Cover, Soft and Clamp Hard Covers).


Eager to add value to your presentations but not sure what title and message to use? Our window cut solutions allow you to customise your documents in an instant. Maximum flexibility, minimum risk. Just request your favourite cover with a sleek window cut and use the first page of your document to display your title or message. The single most convenient and efficient in-house personalisation solution.

Available in Thermal Hard Cover and Soft Cover.

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These covers literally speak to your audience. The way we communicate and engage our audience has changed and we take great pride in our ability to move with the times and constantly stay ahead of the curve. Our Video Books combine the high-quality printed presentation solutions PELEMAN is known for with the latest in digital technology to deliver a truly unique experience.
Engage your clients with your video message or short movie and deliver a truly unforgettable experience.


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