Empowering Colleagues is an Important Component of Sound Leadership

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ME Printer speaks to Esmeralda Peleman, the Co-Chairwoman at PELEMAN Group, about the overall print industry and what attracted her to be part of it.


Tell us about your leadership style and philosophy.

I firmly believe that to build a successful business, one must lead by example. Being passionate about our job is crucial, however, being compassionate to our colleagues is just as important in order to understand how we can best utilise their contribution to the company’s substantial growth.

And therefore I consider empowering my colleagues an eminent component of sound leadership. True leaders do not create followers. True leaders unleash the leader in others. A leader translates visions into reality, however, will never ask others to do something that they are not willing to do themselves.

In other words, a leader not only knows the way and shows the way, but also goes the way. I hold myself accountable to each one of these principles every single day to ensure that I work with my people and not above them. For me, leadership is not about making promises, but about making a difference. And this is exactly the core value behind PELEMAN’s Because It Matters brand promise.

The “Because it Matters” tagline encompasses the essence of our mission to provide our customers and partners with solutions that take their brand, products, services and even themselves, from awareness to preference. At PELEMAN, we truly believe that the way we present ourselves and our work matters.


What made you choose Printing and Graphics Industry as a career opportunity?
The business was originally started by my grandparents back in 1939 as Peleman-Saerens in the small Belgian town of Puurs. Following a devastating flood, my father Guido Peleman took the helm in 1979 to literally rebuild the company. I had initially studied law and planned to pursue a career in that field, however, my father convinced me to join the company.

He was right. I fell in love with the industry straight away. He, along with my mother who has been also actively involved in the leadership of the company, making sure that I gained a thorough understanding of all aspects of the work. I can honestly say that I have started from the bottom and I am grateful for that. This has allowed me to develop a deep knowledge of all departments before climbing the corporate ladder to become a CEO and later on the co-chairwoman alongside my father.

Two decades after my first official working day at PELEMAN, I still do not regret my choice. I am particularly humbled to be celebrating 20 years with the company on the 40th anniversary year of the “new” Peleman Industries.


How has your unique background prepared you for success in the industry?
I literally grew up in our factory. Our house was located in close proximity to the company’s premises, and as young children, we were intrigued by all the machines and the daily work carried out in the factory. We saw the factory as a fascinating playground. Little did I know that a few years later, this playground would turn into my life-long passion.

I have basically spent my entire life learning about the latest market trends and innovations in the industry. Having both parents being actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Peleman Industries has given me the opportunity to experience the seismic changes of the industry first-hand.

Having held various positions at the company has allowed me to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for our valued colleagues’ and I truly consider this an invaluable part of my journey here at Peleman Industries where our success is built on the contribution and passion of our colleagues.


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About Peleman Industries

Since 1979, Peleman Industries has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations and photos.