Discover the art of creating professional lay-flat presentations at the comfort of your office or even while on the go.


combines two innovative techniques to deliver the ultimate solution that ensures that your presentations are easy to bind and easy to read. Because the way you present yourself matters.

Peleman One: lay-flat cover.
Easy to Make
Easy to Read and Write On
Professional Look
Endless Applications
Low Cost, High Profit
Before and with Peleman One

U-shaped spine

The U-shaped spine of our covers allows every single page of the document to slide into the binding resin. Shaped to perfection, the U-spine guarantees the ultimate lay-flat effect.

Double fold

Thanks to a unique double-fold along the margin, V Paper allows documents of all sizes to lay open effortlessly. Easy to read and write on, V Paper offers endless possibilities.
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Perfect Lay-flat Presentation

The combination of PELEMAN’s U-spine covers and lay-flat technology delivers the ultimate solution. Create professional presentations that are easy to make and easy to use.

Discover PELEMAN ONE !

Step 1: Choose your favourite cover!
Step 2: Get Noticed, Be Remembered with Personalised Covers!

Add a personal touch to your presentation by choosing from our creative customisation solutions.
Foil Personalisation
Foil Personalisation
Full Colour
Full-Colour Covers
Embossed Print
Embossed Printing
Window Cut
Window Cut
Video Book by Peleman
Video Books
Step 3: Choose your lay-flat paper!
Pick your preferred paper weight and the format matching your cover.

Step 4: Create your perfect lay-flat presentation in seconds!

Easy to make, Easy to Read and Write On





  1. Stand out with professional lay-flat presentations that represent the values and qualities your company or organisation is known for

  2. Gain a competitive edge over your peers by getting noticed and being remembered through your presentations

  3. Grow your market by leaving a lasting impression on your customers and clients

  4. Enhance your productivity by minimising the time spent on binding, all while maximising the impact of these documents. No more spirals, wiros and plastic combs

  5. Boost your efficiency while cutting back on your cost. No more outsourcing. PELEMAN ONE allows you to create lay-flat documents in-house or even while on the go


Gain a larger market share by

offering PELEMAN ONE to your customers. 

Learn more about how PELEMAN’s latest innovation can take your business to the next level. Join our worldwide network and become part of the four-decade long PELEMAN success story.

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